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Using SVN with a Zend Studio Project

The folks at Zend were kind enough to offer me a license for Zend Studio and since I’m a fan of where the project is going, I’m excited about using it here. The advantage here is that I can cover some things like Unit Testing in a consistent manner in the videos to come. That’s…

No Podcast this week

Unfortunately, I’ve been out of the country consulting for the last week. I’ll be putting out two episodes the following week to make up for the missing episode. Please stay tuned!

Zend_Config_Ini and using Zend_Http_Client with Twitter

This podcast is a two-parter: Zend_Config_Ini and Zend_Http_Client(). While the two classes aren’t married together in the video, anyone serious about writing an API to their web application will need to access the API differently in development, staging and production environments. We also take 10 minutes and 4 lines of code to work with the…

Zend View Partials

This screencast covers Zend View Partials, an often overlooked portion of the Zend_View_* collection of classes, however, I’ve found them super handy when writing complex templates. Running time is a little under 10 minutes. Download the project code.

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