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Many-to-Many with Doctrine 2

Building and testing a many-to-many relationship. This was a bit of a rocky video, but I also include some tips for debugging your Doctrine 2 configuration.

One-to-Many with Doctrine 2

Setup One-to-Many with Doctrine 2 using PHPDoc annotations.

Zendcasts is Moving to HTML5 Support

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been trying to provide some much needed upgrades to Zendcasts. Part of this has been revamping the forum software, but more importantly, thanks to the support of Miguel Pinto, we’ve been able to serve up the Zendcasts series in OGG Vorbis as well as H.264. Miguel is an active…

Unit Testing Doctrine 2 Entities

Integrate Doctrine 2 into your Zend Framework project. Drive with tests first!

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