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A/B Testing with PHP Using PHPScenario

James Sylvanus has been working on an A/B testing tool that plugs straight into your Zend Framework application. The component plugs right into Zend_Db and he’s including a step-by-step set of instructions on his forum. Read more about PhpScenario.

Unit Testing Zend_Form

Build a form for changing user passwords with 100% code coverage.

Unit Testing Models

A walkthrough on how to build up a simple model layer using a test-driven development approach.

Unit Testing your HTTP Requests

A couple days ago, Till Klampaeckel just posted a very interesting plugin for PHPUnit that helps you debug your Zend Controller testcases by providing header information. He’s posted the code on GitHub and provided a real-world example of how to use the plugin for debugging your unit tests effectively. This approach takes advantage of the…

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