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Consuming RSS Feeds with Zend_Feed_Reader

Quickly and easily consume an RSS feed with Zend_Feed and then filter the result set.

Creating RSS & Atom Feeds with Zend_Feed

Use Zend_Feed to build a simple RSS / Atom feed from a dataset in your models. just got a facelift!

Zendcasts’ website updated after it’s original launch.

Zendcasts update from Africa

The Zendcasts publishing schedule has slowed down a little bit due to a trip that my wife and I have undertaken to the village of Rundu in Namibia (that’s in Africa) where we are volunteering with the Bahá’í community.  While we have internet connectivity here, unfortunately, it’s costly for a site like Zendcasts that’s currently…

Support Forum

Ask questions, help others and comment at the Zendcasts Forum.


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