Zendcasts.com just got a facelift!

After several months and many revisions, I’ve finally managed to scrape together a new design for zendcasts that aims to make the site more organized. This new design also hopes to encourage looking at videos in series rather than just a bunch of episodes in chronological order. Another design decision was to take advantage of some new CSS features like rounded corners and gradient rendering in webkit and gecko. Please let me know what you think of the new design!

I’d also mention a big thank you to everyone who helped me put this together, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Zendcasts update from Africa

The Zendcasts publishing schedule has slowed down a little bit due to a trip that my wife and I have undertaken to the village of Rundu in Namibia (that’s in Africa) where we are volunteering with the Bahá’í community.  While we have internet connectivity here, unfortunately, it’s costly for a site like Zendcasts that’s currently no more than a donation based educational resource. We should be back to cheaper internet pastures in a few weeks! Thank you all for your support, questions and patience!

Jon Lebensold

Small Hiatus for Zendcasts

Hello dear listeners!

Every week (or usually 10 days) I try and put up new and fresh content about the Zend Framework, however as of late, work with my clients has taken precedence. I value every one of your comments and forum posts and have no interest in folding the site or letting it grow stale. Like last year around this time though, I’m going to be taking a small break from Zendcasts for the next month. Thanks to all of you for your contributions, I know that your feedback has helped me become a better developer.

Jon Lebensold

Zendcasts Live Webinar with Google Wave and Intuit QuickBase

Hey all. This was a little late coming, but its here now!

A couple of months back, I was invited to Intuit’s Boston office to speak about the Zend Framework and how it could be used to leverage Intuit’s online database product, QuickBase. With my recently acquired Google Wave account in hand, I was itching to try and make something. I put together a little google wave gadget demo. Unfortunately, my “live” zendcast wasn’t as smooth as expected, but I hope you still get something out of it. Check out the first Zendcast live webinar! You can also download the project files if you wish to take a gander.

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