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December 2011
RESTful Delete with SLIM, jQuery and JSON
Adding jQuery RESTful calls for using the DELETE verb when deleting items via a JSON REST interface.
November 2011
PUTting Data with jQuery
A quick look at how you can send PUT requests (REST update calls) to your SLIM-based JSON endpoint.
Building a JSON End-Point With SLIM and jQuery: Part 2
Part 2 in a series on building a JSON end-point. We're using simple RESTful verbage to grab a list of names from a session store.
October 2011
Building a JSON Endpoint with SLIM (Part 1)
Writing complex JavaScript applications can be tricky if your service layer isn't well managed. This video will show you the first part in a series on building a RESTful, JSON-driven endpoint for web applications.
SLIMming Out Your Controller
An introduction to the SLIM PHP framework. This sinatra-like php framework is a great tool for simple JSON endpoints and light server-side application development.
PHAR Out Autoloading (HD!)
Setup your PHAR archive in order to handle autoloading classes. This will greatly simplify your deployment of a PHAR that is referenced in your application.
Fun with PHAR
An introduction to working and building with PHAR: PHP ARchives.
June 2011
Creating Custom Application Resources
Write a custom zend application resource for easy configuration and integration.
Writing Custom Zend Filters with HTMLPurifier
A look at how Zend_Filter works and how you can write one yourself.
May 2011
HTMLPurifier Integration
Quickly integrate HTMLPurifier into your Zend Framework application.
March 2011
Event Listeners in Doctrine 2
Use Events in Doctrine 2 to handle trivial portions of your domain models.
Many-to-Many with Doctrine 2
Building and testing a many-to-many relationship. This was a bit of a rocky video, but I also include some tips for debugging your Doctrine 2 configuration.
One-to-Many with Doctrine 2
Setup One-to-Many with Doctrine 2 using PHPDoc annotations.
February 2011
Unit Testing Doctrine 2 Entities
Integrate Doctrine 2 into your Zend Framework project. Drive with tests first!
January 2011
Setting up Zend_HTTP_UserAgent
Setup WURFL and a Controller Plugin for detecting browser capabilities.
December 2010
Serving Mobile Templates
Use a Zend_Controller plugin to change your layout based on a user's current mobile platform (iphone, blackberry, android).
November 2010
Unit Testing Action Helpers
A look at how action helpers function and effective ways of unit testing them.
October 2010
Introducing Action Helpers
A look at how Action Helpers can help you build controller-level-functionality without duplicating code.
Unit Testing Zend_Form
Build a form for changing user passwords with 100% code coverage.
Unit Testing Models
A walkthrough on how to build up a simple model layer using a test-driven development approach.
September 2010
Consuming RSS Feeds with Zend_Feed_Reader
Quickly and easily consume an RSS feed with Zend_Feed and then filter the result set.
Creating RSS & Atom Feeds with Zend_Feed
Use Zend_Feed to build a simple RSS / Atom feed from a dataset in your models.
July 2010
Autocomplete Control with ZendX_JQuery
Develop your own jQuery autocomplete control, using a country list, PHP 5.3 and anonymous functions.
Working with ZendX_JQuery
Quickly integrate jQuery and jQuery UI into your Zend Framework project.
Selectively Adding CSS with Zend_Layout
How to manage your CSS selectively in larger applications.
June 2010
Painless HTML Emails with Zend_Mail
Quickly and easy it is to write designer-friendly HTML emails using Zend_View and Zend_Mail
Transparent Logging with Zend_Log
April 2010
Reporting with Zend_Tool and Zend_Log
Integrating Zend_Tool Into Your Application
Ajaxify Your Zend_Form Validation with jQuery
March 2010
Encapsulating Business Rules with Zend_Validate
Preparing Custom Elements for Zend Validators
Writing Composite Zend_Form Elements
February 2010
Creating Custom Zend_Form Decorators
Zend_Form Decorators Explained
Logging with Timestamps and Doctrine Event Listeners
Introduction to Zend_Mail
January 2010
Logging in Users using Doctrine and Zend_Auth
Writing a Zend_Auth_Adapter with Doctrine
Deep Integration between Zend and Doctrine 1.2
December 2009
Doctrine Relations and Zend MVC
Doctrine Relations and Data Fixtures
Writing Doctrine Unit Tests with Zend_Test
November 2009
Introducing Doctrine 1.2 Integration
Introducing Zend_Translate
Moving Bootstrap Code to Configuration
October 2009
Protecting Assets with Zend Controller Plugins
September 2009
Using Zend_Cache to speed up Web Service calls
Using Google Maps with Zend_GData
August 2009
Custom Action Helpers for Firebug
Geotargetting with the Google Maps API
Debugging Zend Projects with Firebug
Introduction to the Google Docs API
June 2009
Zend Acl with Authentication and Reflection
Getting Started with the Zend Framework and WAMP Server
Introducing Zend_Acl
Unit Testing with the Zend Framework with Zend_Test and PHPUnit
Zend_Navigation – creating a menu, a sitemap and breadcrumbs
May 2009
Introduction to Zend 1.8: A look at Zend_Tool and Bootstrapping
Many to Many with Zend_Form and Zend_Db
Many to Many with Zend_Db and Zend_Form
One to Many with Zend_Db
April 2009
Zend_Db Update and Delete
Zend_Db Insert and Read
Integrating Bits on the Run into Zend
Writing a REST Web Service and Client With Zend_Controller
Using SVN with a Zend Studio Project
March 2009
Zend_Config_Ini and using Zend_Http_Client with Twitter
Zend View Partials
Zend View Helpers with AJAX
February 2009
Introducing Zend View Helpers
Making JSON Objects from Zend_Controllers (Using JQuery)
Zend_Form Introduction, Part 2
Zend_Form Introduction, part 1
January 2009
Managing Session with Zend_Session_Namespace
Creating custom Zend_Controller routes
Using Blueprint CSS with Zend
Adding an XHTML Strict Doctype and CSS File the Zend Way
December 2008
Creating Zend_Controllers
Make an index file for a Zend Framework project
Writing a bootstrap file
Zend Framework MVC Folders
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