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Autocomplete Control with ZendX_JQuery

Develop your own jQuery autocomplete control, using a country list, PHP 5.3 and anonymous functions.

Ajaxify Your Zend_Form Validation with jQuery

We’re going to take what was put together in the last 3 videos and now include some server-side validation that will appear asynchronously. This is an example of using Zend_Form as a validation tool via JSON. Grab a copy of the project or browse the repository. UPDATE: as a couple people have mentioned, you can…

Zend View Helpers with AJAX

This is the second part of last weeks tutorial. Here we add some JQuery code and look at how Zend_View_Helper_* classes can be written in such a way that they behave the same when they’re invoked on the server and called asynchronously via an AJAX request. Feel free to follow along by downloading the project…

Introducing Zend View Helpers

This video covers how to setup and user Zend View Helpers. I also cover how state is managed within the class. Next week I’ll show you how you can use this technique with a bit of AJAX to make those View Helpers shine! I’ll post the project code for both videos with part 2.

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