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Doctrine Relations and Data Fixtures

This episode of zendcasts will cover how we can write Data Fixtures and extend our data model to include a simple one-to-many using Doctrine’s schema.yml file. I also noticed in the code of my last example that Model loading wasn’t working properly. I cover the fix in the video, however I’d like to highlight it…

Writing Doctrine Unit Tests with Zend_Test

Building on the Introduction to Doctrine 1.2 video, this video will show how you can easily test the persistence of Doctrine models within the Zend_Test environment. I also touch briefly on how to setup the latest version of MAMP with phpunit. Edit: I spoke to Guilherme Blanco (one of the core developers behind Doctrine) and…

Introducing Doctrine 1.2 Integration

By popular demand, I’ve put together an introduction to Doctrine 1.2 integration with the Zend Framework. Doctrine is a fantastic ORM (object-relational mapping tool). If you’ve jumped from NHibernate or Hibernate and are itching to have a powerful tool for handling database relationships, Doctrine is probably your best bet. On the mailing lists, there’s a…

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