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SLIMming Out Your Controller

An introduction to the SLIM PHP framework. This sinatra-like php framework is a great tool for simple JSON endpoints and light server-side application development.

Integrating Bits on the Run into Zend

This video covers a web service that I’ve been using lately called Bits on the Run. The service has fantastic support (with even the famous JW from the JW Player offering assistance if needed) and good documentation. If you want to build a web 2.0 app with video and aren’t interested in managing the encoding…

Writing a REST Web Service and Client With Zend_Controller

so here’s my makeup video for last week’s absence. It’s a little on the long end (nearing 40 mintues), however in my defense, I’m trying to cover a lot of ground. The video covers how you can build a very basic JSON web service with some private key authentication. I think that I muddled through…

Zend_Config_Ini and using Zend_Http_Client with Twitter

This podcast is a two-parter: Zend_Config_Ini and Zend_Http_Client(). While the two classes aren’t married together in the video, anyone serious about writing an API to their web application will need to access the API differently in development, staging and production environments. We also take 10 minutes and 4 lines of code to work with the…

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