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Serving Mobile Templates

Use a Zend_Controller plugin to change your layout based on a user’s current mobile platform (iphone, blackberry, android).

Introducing Action Helpers

A look at how Action Helpers can help you build controller-level-functionality without duplicating code.

Unit Testing your HTTP Requests

A couple days ago, Till Klampaeckel just posted a very interesting plugin for PHPUnit that helps you debug your Zend Controller testcases by providing header information. He’s posted the code on GitHub and provided a real-world example of how to use the plugin for debugging your unit tests effectively. This approach takes advantage of the…

Logging in Users using Doctrine and Zend_Auth

Here’s the second part of my Doctrine / Zend_Auth example. In 15 minutes, we create a logout, login and protected area that’s reliant on the ZC_Auth_Adapter adapter we created in last week’s video. Notice how there’s no code in the IndexController exposing the authentication implementation, Grab a copy of the project or browse the repository.…

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