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Deep Integration between Zend and Doctrine 1.2

There’s been a lot of talk online about finding the best approach for bringing Zend and Doctrine 1.x together. This video is my humble approach of combining some of the learning brought about over the last few weeks on Zendcasts, as well as suggestions from Doctrine developers. The goal of this video is to show…

Doctrine Relations and Zend MVC

This short podcast covers how you can easily build a form using Zend’s MVC model via Zend_Controller and using Doctrine for persistence. You can download the source code or browse it online. Enjoy!

Protecting Assets with Zend Controller Plugins

I had to take a little hiatus the last few weeks, however I’m hoping to get back into a weekly posting schedule. This video is an introduction in how to effectively use Zend Controller Plugins. The Zend Documentation refers to Zend Controller plugins being part of the Action Stack which is a simple data structure…

Debugging Zend Projects with Firebug

Tawfek is back! This is part 1 of a two part series where Tawfek will be taking us through how Firebug and the Zend Framework can work together to provide non-intrusive debugging and accurate profiling information for an application. This is a great feature that every Zend Developer should know about. Browse or download the…

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