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Unit Testing with the Zend Framework with Zend_Test and PHPUnit

I have to preface this video by saying that I’m still a bit of a novice when it comes to unit testing (especially in Zend). Also, I feel that I wouldn’t be able to take credit for the whole implementation. Here are some great resources on unit testing in the Zend Framework to beef up…

Many to Many with Zend_Form and Zend_Db

This is part 2 in a series on many to many with Zend_Form and Zend_Db. I suggest starting with last week’s video on Zend_Db and many-to-many in order to follow the configuration of our models. Grab the code and follow along! This concludes this series on Zend_Db. I’ve also uploaded a zipped version of the…

Many to Many with Zend_Db and Zend_Form

Exposing many-to-many in a practical application took a little more time and effort than I had anticipated. With that in mind, I to use this opportunity to explore how Zend_Form, Zend_Controller and Zend_Db could be integrated. This is the first in a two part set looking at our data model. By the end of the…

Zend_Form Introduction, part 1

This screencast ran a little long, and unfortunately I’ll have to post the rest next week. We start with creating a DTO (Data Transfer Object) that will house our data as we pass it from the Controller, to the form and then back to the view. Zend_Form is used for validation and rendering. enjoy!

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