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Ajaxify Your Zend_Form Validation with jQuery

We’re going to take what was put together in the last 3 videos and now include some server-side validation that will appear asynchronously. This is an example of using Zend_Form as a validation tool via JSON. Grab a copy of the project or browse the repository. UPDATE: as a couple people have mentioned, you can…

Encapsulating Business Rules with Zend_Validate

In this video, we’re going to work on building a custom validator for our composite form element for phone numbers. The nice thing about this validator is that it can then be applied to any sort of textbox. Next week, we’ll ajaxify our final form with a handful of lines of jQuery. Grab a copy…

Preparing Custom Elements for Zend Validators

This is part in my litte series on Zend_Form will cover how to prep our composite form element for standardized Zend_Form validators. This will help lead us into building a Zend_Form validator for our phone element. It might help to start with episode 49. Grab a copy of the project or browse the repository. ServerGrove…

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